Roof Coating Erie, PA

The team at All American Roofing Solutions specializes in commercial roof restoration. We offer flawlessly-applied roof coatings to clients in Erie, PA. This service has a number of benefits and can really help improve the condition of your roof. To learn more about our roof coatings, give us a call at 814-282-5953.

The Benefits Of Roof Restoration

There are a number of reasons why restoring your roof is better than replacing it. First of all, the longer you can keep your existing roof, the more you time and money you save. There are an absurd number of commercial roofs that are replaced prematurely. You aren’t doing yourself any favors when you pay for an unnecessary roof replacement.

When your roof starts to age, a roof coating can turn back the clock on your roof. Even a roof that has been suffering from frequent leaks as of late can be salvaged with a properly-applied roof coating. The service is far cheaper than a roof replacement and much less disruptive. All American Roofing Solutions can apply your new roof coating during business hours without it being much of a distraction.

A “Green” Solution

Our seamless roof coatings are extremely effective at keeping water out and preventing your roof from leaking — but that’s not all they do. A roof coating reflects over 80% of sun rays to keep your roof and building cooler. This means saving a significant amount of money on energy costs and makes for a more energy-efficient building.

In other words, a roof coating not only saves you money by extending the life of your existing roof but also by cutting down on your energy costs. This affordable service will eventually pay for itself! So, before you decide you need a roof replacement, make sure you’ve explored the restoration options. At All American Roofing Solutions, we will provide you with some honest, expert advice on which service is best for your commercial roof.

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There is no company more qualified to apply a roof coating to your commercial roof than All American Roofing Solutions. We help clients in Erie, PA with all of their commercial roofing needs. To schedule a free onsite estimate, give us a call today at 814-282-5953.