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The various types of commercial roofs are each made to last a certain number of years, with some, like metal roofs, designed to function for 40 years or more. However, a key part of helping your roof reach its full life expectancy is having it regularly maintained by a professional roofing contractor.

A commonly cited statistic within the roofing industry tells us that roofs are prematurely replaced in as many as 70-80 percent of cases—70-80 percent! Failure to properly maintain a roof—in other words, neglect on the part of a building owner—can undoubtedly account for a large portion of those early roof failures.

We cannot stress the importance of roof maintenance enough, and the All American Roofing Solutions crew is adept at performing meticulous roof inspections to identify developing roofing problems and then take care of them at their early stages. In order for us to do that, however, a commercial building owner must be proactive and responsible in scheduling regular maintenance services.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

The purpose of your roof is to protect you and everyone under that roof from climatic conditions and if it isn’t up to par, it ceases to serve as a barrier against snow, hail, rain, and other natural hazards. If your roof is in poor shape, it can suffer from damages such as leaks, which can then cause damage to other parts of the property. No matter what kind of commercial roof you have, it is important to keep up with maintenance so you can: 

  • Prevent leaks, drafts, and other exterior problems from happening
  • Stay aware of potential issues and fix them before they become major issues
  • Prevent more expensive repairs or a complete replacement in the future
  • Maintain the appearance of your roof and your property

An Ounce of Prevention…

Because a commercial roof is such a huge and costly investment, it makes no sense at all to neglect having it maintained. With regular roof inspections and follow-up maintenance services, your roof can be kept in excellent shape and last the number of years it was meant to last.

If, however, you wait until roofing issues manifest themselves in the form of leaks or other symptoms, you have waited too long. Procrastinating roof inspections and maintenance will always add up to money lost and damage developed.

When roof issues are discovered and repaired at their earliest stages, the costs and labor involved are usually minimal. It is when problems are left to fester for months and years unabated that serious damage will develop, and at that point, your roof is not only at risk of total failure but your entire building structure can be compromised.

Don’t let roofing issues snowball into serious damage. Give All American Roofing Solutions a call today at 814-282-5953! We will develop a customized inspection and maintenance plan that is specific to your commercial roof and its needs.

You can count on us to keep your roof in excellent shape for the long haul! We provide commercial roofing maintenance services in Akron, Canton, Cleveland, Parma, Youngstown, OH as well as Clarion, Pittsburgh, and Erie, PA. Contact us today!