Single Ply Roofing Franklin PA

Over the last few decades there has been a shift in the different systems that protect commercial properties. Previously, multi-ply (or build-up) roofing systems were the desired option. These systems required layers of roofing felts and asphalt to provide protection to facilities. However, now the industry has changed to single-ply roofing which only requires one layer of material to provide improved protection. Offering durability and longevity, these new roofing membranes have taken over the industry. To find out if a single ply roofing unit can help your Frankin, PA property, please give our office a call. You can reach us at 814-282-5953.

Why You Should Consider Single Ply

One of the biggest reasons business owners and property managers select a single ply roofing system is because they are more energy efficient. Not only do they have no layers of dark tar and gravel, but they become in lighter colors that reflect the suns UV rays. These systems can help improve the energy efficiency of the buildings they protect.

Beyond that, single ply roofing offers these additional advantages:

  • Requires less material and labor, which lowers the cost to install
  • Impact resistant
  • Reflects UV rays
  • Can be installed on unconventional roof designs
  • PVC membranes are resistant to grease and oils

When you look at all the benefits, it is no wonder so many have turned to these newer systems. But what are the single ply options available? The most common membranes are:

  • EPDM
  • TPO
  • PVC

Each have their own set of benefits and downfalls, but in order to determine which is right for you we always suggest working with a professional.

Working with All American

When you partner with All American to provide a single ply roofing system on your facility, we will first get to know you and your property. We will find out the things that you were happy with in your old system, and the goals you’d like for your new system. We will then help guide you to the option that best fits your roofing needs and budget.

If your Frankin, PA property could use our professional assistance, please call 814-282-5953.