Foam Roofing – Wilkinsburg PA

Spray polyurethane foam is referred to as foam roofing. Because of its durability, ease of installation, and energy-efficiency, SPF is a popular choice for flat-roofed residential and commercial properties. Open-cell and closed-cell spray foams are available. Internal foam insulation is the most common application for open-cell foam. Closed-cell polyurethane foam is the preferred roofing material for polyurethane foam roofing because of its greater density and better insulation against water and air penetration. If you’re from Wilkinsburg, PA, look no further than All American Roofing Solutions. Get in touch with us at 814-551-1013.

Foam roofing has many advantages:

Because of its high thermal resistance, spray polyurethane foam is a popular choice for insulation because it prevents heat from escaping to the outside. The reason for this is that many homeowners and building owners use SPF to insulate the walls and attics of their homes. You can save money on your electricity bill by reducing the amount of hot or cold air that escapes from your home or business.

A structure’s protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (SPF) can be achieved in a variety of ways.
A spray foam roof is first and foremost seamless because it is installed in a single layer. Unlike other flat roofing materials applied via overlapping sheets like TPO roofing and rubber roofing, there are no nooks or crannies for water to seep in. Second, most roof spray foam applications use closed-cell foam, which is particularly good at resisting water absorption. The third benefit of spray foam roofs is that they can help prevent water from accumulating on flat roofs, which can lead to leaks, sags, and damage to the material.

Spray foam is easy to work with because it starts out as a liquid and then expands as it hits the surface of a roof. There is now a wider range of applications for spray foam beyond flat roofs, including pitched or domed and existing roof materials like shingles. Spray foam also simplifies the task of working around obstructions like chimneys and skylights. Spray foam grows and seals all cracks in 30 seconds or less of contact with the surface. Since there is no need to install flashing, SPF roofing systems are known as self-flashing by roofers. Foam roof repairs can be as simple and inexpensive as re-applying the foam and re-coating the damaged area, rather than having to completely replace your entire roof. If you’re from Wilkinsburg, PA, look no further than All American Roofing Solutions. Get in touch with us at 814-551-1013.