Commercial Roofing Service Franklin PA

When you are looking for commercial roofing contractors, are you looking for a full-service one? If not, you should be! Why? The reason is quite simple. When you select a full-service commercial roofing contractor (like All American Roofing Solutions), you have a trusted company that you can trust to fix any roofing issue that arises on your Franklin, PA facility. We take a comprehensive approach to all things roofing, and we only suggest the commercial roofing services required.

More Than Replacement

Unfortunately there are many companies out there that only want to do roof replacements. While that helps their bottom line, it doesn’t help their customers. At All American Roofing Solutions, we provide a vast array of different services and tailor them specifically to your current needs. Is just a minor repair needed? No problem! A little more extensive? We’ve got you covered. We provide our customers with the following services that they can count on:

  • Leak Detection – Water is tricky. It doesn’t always follow a path that is easily traceable. The good news is our technicians are experts at finding where those leaks are coming from!
  • Repair – Once we find the spots that are causing problems to your roof, we will provide a trusted repair solution that will resolve them once and for all!
  • Restorations/Coatings – If you continue to have problems with your roof, but it is still in fair condition, a roof restoration (also known as a roof coating) might be your best bet! They can save you thousands of dollars as they are just a fraction of the cost of roof replacements. And the best part is they restore your roof to a like-new condition and help you fend off replacement for up to a decade!
  • Replacements – There will come a day when your roof is too far gone. Weather, lack of maintenance, and aging can all cause your roof to fail. If that day arrives, we’re happy to provide a total roof replacement if all other avenues have been exhausted.
  • Inspections & Maintenance – When your roof is regularly inspected, we can help it last to its full potential! Roofs that aren’t properly maintained can fail within 10-20 years after they were installed.

If you want to learn more about the commercial roofing services we can provide to your Franklin, PA property, please call 814-282-5953.